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Fully revised edition: with additional chapter on irregular work

Supersleeping was voted best book of the books published on sleep by the NRC Handelsblad.

5/5 – NRC Handelsblad

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Supersleeping | Floris Wouterson Publisher FLO-W Publishing | 2024 | 224 pages | Paperback | €26,99 | Free Shipping



Supersleeping | E-book Digitally readable on any tablet and E-reader. Order and start reading right away. EPUB | €15,00


“What makes this well-organized book perhaps even more useful is that Wouterson quickly moves on to how to then achieve that deep, restorative sleep.”

NRC Handelsblad

Sleep formula for unprecedented energy.

Author Floris Wouterson gives you his best insider tips for your best night’s sleep ever:

  1. What a good sleep strategy looks like. He shows you how he applies this himself and with his clients.
  2. How to get back to sleep step by step if you have a busy job
  3. The reason why 90 percent of people who sleep badly continue to sleep badly (and take sleeping medication).
  4. With what simple technique you can easily relax at night and fall asleep easily (without counting sheep)
  5. What bottleneck (big blind spot for almost every person with a busy job) currently stands in the way of a good night’s sleep
  6. What is one of the main causes of your inability to sleep through the night
  7. How 3 small changes will give you more life energy (and also make you feel much happier)
  8. How to get a grip on your sleep instead of hoping to sleep well tonight
  9. How to stop worrying about whether you will be fit enough to meet all your commitments the next day
  10. What you should never do if you want to sleep well again

Dit zeggen experts:

“From my own experience I know how important sleep and recovery is. Floris shows in his book in an enjoyable and approachable way how you can dramatically improve your performance with sleep and recovery. Don’t pass up these tips from this fully revised version, I would say.”

Mark Tuitert

Olympic champion, speaker and author

“The book Supersleeping grants the reader a refreshing view of sleep and how it can be optimized. Principles of good sleep hygiene, the usefulness of a good mattress or bed, the underestimated influence of our diet and intestinal flora, the importance of exercise and a secure sleep environment are reviewed. Known and less obvious advice are provided in an accessible manner. The book is very practically written and reads like a novel.”

Prof. Johan Verbraecken

Medical coordinator Sleep Center UZ Antwerpen

“Floris is not just the Dutch Matthew Walker. He knows how to explain it better so you don’t fall asleep to it. Not a reissue for nothing! I got a lot out of it myself because I always underestimated sleep.”

Giel Beelen


About Floris Wouterson

Floris Wouterson teaches ambitious people – who desire more from life – to sleep well again. And to significantly improve their performance. For more than 15 years he has been advising on a good night’s sleep and better rest. To help VIP clients with personal advice, he gathered the latest insights from medical science, nutrition and brain science and consulted top international sleep experts such as Nick Littlehales, who advises Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United. Floris is a sleep expert, frequent reader, coach and author of the book Supersleeping. Floris lives in Antwerp with his wife and 2 children.

Readers’ comments:

‘’I lay awake for several hours almost every night and slept far too little. The neurologist could find little after I slept one night in the hospital with all kinds of measuring equipment. Even after spending hundreds of euros on nutritional supplements, I was still sleeping badly. Then Floris gave me some suggestions that have no health disadvantage and work very pleasantly. By now I am sleeping much better. Last night I achieved my dreamed number of hours of sleep: 7.5 hours. And that’s without pharmaceuticals. Just by adjusting my behavior in the evening, eating and drinking something different and some small changes in the bedroom. Super thanks Floris!’

Aartjan van Erkel – sales and marketing expert and multiple best-selling author

‘I don’t know anyone who knows so much about sleep. Floris has put all his knowledge into this book and made it very practical. Anyone who is afraid of lying awake should allow themselves this book’

Ninke van der Leck – Businesscoach

‘Super readable book, full of practical tips to sleep better. No nonsense, wonderfully concrete!’

Igor Smink – Owner

‘Floris, besides being an incredibly positive and passionate person, is also a true sleep expert. When he talks about sleep and factors that play a role in sleep, I always listen and take lots of notes.By the way, everyone should do that…. Since sleep is an incredibly important factor that affects your perception of happiness and stress, I lovingly pass on his knowledge to the people with whom I work a lot. Without exception, this yields very positive (sleep) results! I advise everyone to read this book carefully and especially to put the tips into practice. You can improve your sleep and thus the quality of your life enormously.’

Paul Boelens – Psychologist and owner of internet psychologist

‘Floris is a true sleep expert who never once made me yawn while reading this very engaging book! Supersleep has so many factors that need to be right for a good night’s sleep and they are explained very practically in this! Sleeping well has so much impact on your entire life, energy and happiness stasis and creates more balance!’

Bas Urlings – – –

‘We teach ourselves all kinds of things. But when it comes to sleep, we know next to nothing. Floris is changing that. And rightly so; because by now I know that sleeping incorrectly has a huge impact on who you are, how you act and the daily energy you have. With his vast amount of ready and practical knowledge about sleep, he brings you up to speed in a lighthearted way in his book. This is an important accessible book and has the potential to change millions of lives. Thank you Floris!

Alex van Ginneken – Online Business Coach | Investor | Online entrepreneur

‘Super glad I got to know Floris, what a knowledge that man has. Incredible, really he knows everything about sleeping. Whatever question I ask, he always knows the best tips to give.’

Elma Maaskant – Owner Creative Cosmetics

‘The importance of sleep was sparked in me by Floris. His enthusiasm & beautiful (life) stories made me realize how important it is to take good care of your body. This foundation is my main ingredient to be successful in all areas of my life’.

Dennis van Leeuwen – Owner Studio Maestro & Marketing Powerhouse

‘There is little that can help your enjoyment of life and work as much as good, deep sleep. In ‘Supersleep’ Floris gives you a comprehensive series of practical tips to upgrade your sleep. So read it’

Taco Oosterkamp – #1 bestselling author and expert in productivity


Supersleeping | Floris Wouterson Publisher FLO-W Publishing | 2024 | 224 pages | Paperback | €26.99 | Free Shipping

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Supersleeping | E-book Digitally readable on any tablet and E-reader. Order and start reading right away. EPUB | €15,00

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